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Greetings From Business Institute of Canada
Build your Enterprise with Dr. Raina's Business Tools and Classroom Training Material

Build your Enterprise with Dr. Raina's Business Tools and Classroom Training Material

Welcome to our website where you will find valuable information about Business Tools, Consulting Services and On-line Courses and game-based learning programs. You will learn how to implement solutions, and use methods and  tools to improve your business.

Consulting is made up of expert Consultants and Associates with many years of "hands-on" experience from the shop floor to Senior Management.· 

We understand every company is unique in its products, processes, culture, people,
and the problems they face. (And we offer tailored solutions).

We are capable of working effectively at all levels of the organization. 
Our training materials are engaging and easily comprehended by all personnel. 

To learn more about our offerings, business training courses  and services
email to:   

We deliver Online Classes

in virtual classroom that enables real time audio-video communication

(Ideal for Training & Teaching)

Summary of Business Tools, Training Materials and Game-based learning programs

Summary of Business Tools, Training Materials and Game-based learning programs

       Over view of 26+ Operation Managers Tools
                 Over view of Composite Business Tools and Software + 100 Templates

We have successfully brought our unique value-adding, efficient and effective business tools and  methodologies consistently and continuously with a business focus and orientation to the global marketplace.
Working together and using our Business Tools and Training Material you can expect our solutions to yield all of the following benefits: 

Higher productivity , Higher quality , Greater capacity, Shorter lead time , Reduced Inventory, 
Higher profitability, And increased customer satisfaction.

 We have more to tell you about Dr. Raina's Business Tools and we'd like to hear your needs for templates and models

Our Team Offers

Our Team Offers

Our team offers an array of enterprise wide business training courses, low cost business tools for cost management, online coaching and a variety of consulting services to create end-to-end  successful solutions. Besides the team offers Technology transfer, Turnkey Projects, Collaborations, Joint ventures,from global markets and vice versa. 
The company is also the global marketing wing of E=mz2 Inc. 

The most important aspect of our business is trust, respect, understanding, caring and fairness. We welcome like minded professionals to join our team as associate with these core understandings and beliefs.

Our team take pride in helping others be successful and are clear that for us to be successful, is for you to be successful.
Ours Is A Global Community. Join us as an Associate

Ours Is A Global Community. Join us as an Associate

 Dr. Kanayalal Raina Inc., is a global community of transformational advisors, associates, consultants and experts, partnering to help young professionals, company executives, students, professors, SME organizations and others to achieve best-in-class. Our services are unique as we offer you a bouquet of useful business tools and best management practices that help you to achieve your objectives and goals.  

Our consortium of Associate Business Consultants share a passion for:

  • Improving performance and productivity
  • Driving for measurable results
  • Teaching and coaching clients how to continue the improvement journey
  • Helping clients achieve the next level of excellence
  • Building collaborative relationships
Associate Business Form 
Who are our clients and target audience?

Who are our clients and target audience?

Our clients are small/ middle/ upper management personnel, consultants, and students, namely Managers, Directors, Senior Directors, and GM/VP, Professionals and Consulting companies, besides Students and Professors from universities and business schools. 

They are responsible for taking strategies and goals, creating tactics, and operationalizing them to achieve measurable business results. They are professionals and consultants who know constant fire-fighting is not the best use of their resources and energy to work with their business partners or serve customers. They are looking for better ways to consistently achieve results with decreasing effort.

We offer Integrated Business and Human Resource Consulting, rooting from global industry experience, with excellence in planning, execution, training and delivered with commitment. Our professional services range from Consulting Services, Employee Engagement to Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Programs for Corporate Professionals & University Students. 


E=mz2 customised solution for Sunnybrook-Osler Centre for Pre-hospital Care and Women's College hospital won the prestigious University of Toronto W T Aikins Teaching Aard for excellence. Retaining and developing the best-trained and highest performing teams are all Job One. This is the essence of E=mz2. It’s The New Equation in Selling: a credo that empowerment results from Mastery of skills reinforced by a sales professionals zest – all taken to a higher power. We’re a team of thought leaders designing the next generation of customized learning solutions and the next generation of sales representatives – game changers. To register for DEMO trial You will require access code,

Organizational Assessment

Organizational Assessment

We undertake comprehensive, factual and objective Business and Organisational Assessment, using business excellence criteria and toolkits that examine how you operate and the key challenges you face.

The process involves assessing your organization’s operating environment and your key relationships with customers, suppliers, partners, and stakeholders and your systems for performance improvement  "What is Organizational Assessment" and "Business Assessment Elements and Action Planning"
Dr. Raina's Plan of Organizational Excellence

Dr. Raina's Plan of Organizational Excellence

Dr. Raina's Plan helped business owners increase the odds of hitting profit targets by many folds as it is working towards growing your revenues and ultimately fuels your business' growth

                                                               For more details click the link below:                                          
                               Overview of organisational Excellence, what it does

 Interested in our services?
Contact us with your questions!
Free Initial Consultation

Free Initial Consultation

We would welcome an initial meeting with you to clarify our offering and discuss your challenges.


Who are using MomentiumT

(Fortune 500) for their  in house training, 

8 universities/ colleges in North America. 

40,000 learners have experienced  E=mz2’s game based simulations..  
Business Institute of Canada

Business Institute of Canada


We at Business Institute of Canada teach students and professionals around the world on-line.  It saves your time and money by learning courses on-line. 

It is like taking Courses from Top Universities of North America.

To know more about our other programs click here.   
Leadership/Mentor Training

Leadership/Mentor Training


Do you know one of the easiest ways to feel happy is by helping others?

A Guide for Mentorship. This is a course material of our "Business Mentor Program".
Remember no matter what the business is, you will have to do selling.

Mini MBA Program

Mini MBA Program

  • 100% online: Study anytime, anywhere
  • Accelerate your professional career
  • Flexible payment options
  • Extensive online 26 operations manager tools given as course material.
A step-by-step on-line course to mastering the skills taught in America's TOP TEN MBA BUSINESS SCHOOLS.

Dr Kanayalal Raina offers on-line Mini MBA Program for students and entrepreneurs looking to enhance their knowledge and learn all aspects of marketing, production, business administration financing, personal development and other related  aspects of a business venture.
Training Material- Manuals

Training Material- Manuals

Each course kit comes with: 
  1. Training Manuals
  2. Instructor's Guide
  3. Power Point Slides
  4. Icebreakers, Activities & Exercise Files
  5. Pre-Assignments
  6. Pre-/Post-Assessments
  7. Promotional Advertorials
  8. Lesson Plans with Flip Chart Notes
Consulting Professionals

Consulting Professionals

Do you have 10 or more years of experience in consulting? Dr. Kanayalal Raina Inc., has unique consulting assignments - projects spanning many industry sector and geography. Please register with us.  Contact us for details.

Business Analytics Tools

Business Analytics Tools

Our primary mantra for a business is “differentiate through innovation or perish.” 
The second mantra of the entrepreneur is to “strive to reduce costs.” 
Culture & Business Performance

Culture & Business Performance

Take our

Why is it that culture seems to be linked to the good, the bad and the ugly in today’s business world? Perhaps the answer can be found in the mounting data suggesting that organizations with strong cultures rooted in shared core values tend to have much happier employees... and happier employees help businesses be more productive. Like it or not, culture is indeed an integral ingredient to an improved bottom line. As such, business leaders cannot afford to look the other way and dismiss culture as some sort of “soft” or “fuzzy” element that does not have an impact on the Profit & Loss statement.
May we help you?

May we help you?

In critical performance  characteristics that influence thinking, decisions and actions of individuals, teams, departments, divisions and the entire organization through our Dr. Raina's Organisational Improvement Plan.
eBooks and Business Plans

eBooks and Business Plans

Dr. Kanayalal Raina has authored nine e-books

Ask for SAMPLE of business, strategy and marketing plans and models  from our library of over 1500 plans.
Study in - US Universities

Study in - US Universities

Thousands of colleges and universities in US are reported to offer degree to international students, it is necessary to choose the right one among them.

We can give you proper advice regarding the process to be enrolled in the country’s top colleges.

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